About sense_month

sense_month is a digital event series taking place in May 2020, focusing on mental health and well-being. It aims to highlight the variety of ways we can better understand, maintain, and improve our mental and emotional well-being.

Many of us currently face unexpected personal, financial, or professional challenges due to #Covid-19. This may include encountering issues such as anxiety, loneliness, or depression. For some of us, these issues are completely new, while for others, such issues have already been part of their daily lives for a period of time. We’ve also been hearing more stories from both friends and the global makesense community about struggling to maintain their mental and emotional well-being during these trying times.

These reasons have led us in the makesense Berlin hotspot to create an upcoming awareness month centered on these issues. Due to obvious reasons, the format will be an online series of events instead of the usual in-person gatherings we love to create.

Corona Aid – Startnext Hilfsaktion

All events offered are free of charge for you. However, we would love if you would consider supporting BERG & MENTAL in Munich to help them get through this crisis. BERG & MENTAL is Germany’s first mental health-cafe, and a source of great community support. They’ve been hit hard by the pandemic, so let’s help them keep doing their good work! Support now!

What to expect?

Learn practical insights and science-backed facts from established thought leaders and experts.

Inspirational talks
Get inspired by the personal stories of social entrepreneurs and our community members.

Interactive workshops and discussions
led by experts and members of our global make_sense community.

Coffee that Makesense
is an informal exchange format initiated by the MakeSense Lisbon hotspot. We will talk about topics related to our personal experiences, our well-being and self-development. Each week, the topic will change.

And more for the body and mind
such as morning meditation sessions and Asian health practices.


06.05.20, 3-3:45 pm (CEST)

Coffee that Makesense, Makesense Lisbon


Makesense Lisbon continues to engage the community online with a brand new format! Meet “Coffee that Makesense”: during 45 minutes we are inviting you to connect over a coffee about topics related to our personal experiences, our well-being and self-development. Each week, the topic will change.

This is an informal exchange. We want to share opinions and connect to each other in a safe space. If you feel like sharing your experiences, getting new ideas, or just listening with empathy while enjoying your coffee, this is the place for you!

This week we are going to talk about your best (and worst) practices to stay focused. Here at Makesense Lisbon we developed a flow to complete our tasks and stay on topic; nevertheless, I sometimes find myself staring at this one pigeon outside my window (hehe)! What is your experience with staying focused – on your work, or maybe present in the moment? Is that something important in your life? Are you working from home with a dog, a cat, three kids, and your best friend is now the goldfish? Let’s share some tips!

The conversation will be facilitated by one core team member of the MakeSensse Lisbon Hotspot.

06.05.20, 7-8 pm (CEST)

sense_drink with Pedro Marques, co-founder & CEO of Hug-a-Group


Pedro will share the story of Hug-a-Group, an online platform connecting people with mental health concerns in group therapy sessions moderated by psychologists. In this 20 min. talk, you will hear what Pedro has learned so far from building a mental health startup in Europe. He will also talk about how he sees the impact of support groups as a tool to connect people, and inspire them to better themselves.
After Pedro’s talk, we will have a Q&A session. You will get to ask him questions about his startup, social entrepreneurship in Portugal, or questions related to mindfulness, online support groups, and creating safe environments for mutual understanding, support, and learning.

07.05.20, 6:30-8:00 pm (CEST)

“The well-being at work antidote – hint: it’s not follow your purpose” – Marie Dobenesque


We no longer view our job as merely a paycheck or as a springboard to an impressive title. We are willing to blur professional and private life and pile in the hours, but we want impact and fulfillment. The reality is a growing divide between complete disengagement in a BS job or burn-out from excessive devotion in purpose-driven jobs. Instead, find your authenticity, define your unique version of success and craft your job to achieve passionate detachment – the well-being at work antidote.

08.05.20, 10:30 am -12 pm (CEST)

“Sustainable-self in an urban environment” – Karolina Mazetyte


Science has shown that 45 % of our time, we tend to think about the past, another 45 % to worry or think about the future, which leaves us only with 10 % for enjoying and experiencing the present moment. Using meditation and mindfulness technique, we will allow ourselves to enjoy the present moment and learn how we can control our mind, instead of thinking about our past failures or future plans, live more in the present moment and reduce, prevent and manage our stress levels.

12.05.20, 6:30-7:30 pm (CEST)

“Emotionally intelligent in times of uncertainty” – Alejandro Reyes


There is no better time than now to talk about emotional intelligence! If you have never done it before, you should join Alejandro’s workshop where he creates a safe space for everyone.

During this interactive session we will experience the basic framework of emotional intelligence. We will learn how to identify our emotions and to respond and regulate them to our advantage, and also learn how this awareness can benefit our daily performance at work and when interacting with others.

Alejandro uses Design Thinking, the Agile mindset, and a highly gamified methodology to consult and teach teams and leaders how to take advantage of EQ. Having designed and executed various training and workshops offline, he has also successfully transitioned his expertise to create digital safe spaces via our interactive online sessions with hundreds of participants from all around the world.

We are super excited to have Alejandro on board and we look forward to you joining us!

13.05.20, 11:00 am-12:30 pm (CEST)

“Stress Management Training – Interactive Embodiment Workshop” – Eva Bakardijev


Bring your body in the picture to create and increase self-awareness to your habitual stress response and how it affects your connection to others, your ability to think clearly and creatively, to take action, to rest, as well as physical symptoms you may have. Learn simple practical embodiment tools to regulate your state and reduce stress and positively affect your impact and your well-being.

Come as you are – Looking forward to stress less with you!

13.05.20, 7:30 pm (CEST)

Coffee that Makesense “Physical distancing”, Makesense Lisbon



Makesense Lisbon and Makesense Berlin are pairing up for the first time to engage the community online around mental well-being! With Coffee that Makesense we invite you to connect for 45 minutes over a coffee about topics related to our personal experiences, our well-being and self-development. Each week, the topic will change.

Despite having a structure, Coffee that Makesense is an informal exchange. We want to share opinions and connect with each other in a safe space. If you feel like sharing your experiences, getting new ideas, listening with empathy while enjoying your coffee, this is the place for you!

This week we’ll talk about physical distancing. These last weeks have put most of us under great pressure, one factor being the impossibility of meeting our friends, relatives, lovers. Although Zoom and other platforms help us stay in contact, it’s not the same as receiving a friendly, warm hug.

That’s why we are looking forward to connecting with you around this topic. What challenges are you facing due to physical distancing? How can we overcome those? How is physical distancing changing our perception of how we relate to each other?

One of our Core-Team Contributors will facilitate the conversation between our members and moderate the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you!

14.05.20, 3:30-5 pm (CEST)

“Mental health in the age of digital divides” – Shamala Hinrichsen & Bryan Ly


Digital technology plays a critical role in providing healthcare solutions to more people than ever, yet digital divide gaps in rural and marginalised communities remain. Join the cofounders of the global healthcare company Hanai in examining the challenges and possibilities in resolving these gaps, especially in mental health. With Hanai currently having one mobile app focused on rural and marginalised communities out in the market, you’re invited to delve more deeply into probable solutions that are inclusive.

About our presenters:

Shamala Hinrichsen and Bryan Ly are two of the co-founders of Hanai, a global healthcare company empowering women in rural and marginalized communities by providing easily accessible healthcare information and education. Hanai recently launched their Jiwa Ibu mobile app, which gives women instant access to locally-focused healthcare information that is medically validated and approved by ministries of health.

Shamala brings her experience in medical communications, healthcare policy, and a background in population genetics in her efforts to bridge the gaps in healthcare inequality and digital inclusivity.

Bryan built the tech behind Hanai’s app that is now serving women-in-need in Southeast Asia. Leveraging his engineering background and product development experience, Bryan continues to look at ways to innovate and improve healthcare access.

15.05.20, 11 am (CEST)

“A guided loving kindness meditation” – Robert Eckstein


End your work week on a good note! Get yourself comfortable and join us for a guided meditation where we send the energy of loving kindness & compassion out to people in our lives and the world. No prior knowledge or experience is required; come as you are with an open heart and mind!

After the 45-minute meditation session, we’ll have some time to process things and ask any questions you have. Looking forward to having you join us!

15.05.20, 4 pm (CEST)

“Lessons from an Olympian” – İrem Karamete


Everyone’s relationship to sports and physical activity is different. For some of us it’s a tool for staying healthy, and for some of us it’s a medium to socialise and fulfill our need to belong. Athletes make their lives out of it. Especially when you’re an Olympian, your sleeping, eating, and even breathing habits are preparing you for your peak season!

The entire world, including that of sports, has become something completely different than what we’ve ever experienced before. One of the most important events affected is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which have now been postponed to 2021, with no definite guarantee that it will take place next year.

İrem Karamete, an Olympic fencer from Turkey, is one of the elite athletes continuing to prepare for the games! As the world around us has changed because of the pandemic, İrem is seeking ways to adapt her training to the current situation, and trying to cope with uncertainty as we all are.

In this talk we will listen to Irem’s fresh experiences and lessons on the road to Tokyo 2021. We will discuss what it means to slow down in the moment, what the stages of adaptability are, and what keeps us on track when we have open-ended goals.

We invite all of you to get inspired by her very personal journey!

18.05.20, 6:30 pm (CEST)

Supporting people in conflicts – A low-threshold approach” – Verena Meyer


How can institutions provide a low-threshold solution to support people in conflicts? With our app “Konfliktlotse”, developed during the #wirvsvirus hackathon, we aim to provide a convenient, flexible and confidential solution. We start the session by introducing the project, giving insight into the development of our concept and showing the current demoversion of the app. Afterwards, the floor is open for participants to ask questions and share ideas, especially with regard to our current issue of how we can complement existing institutional approaches.

19.05.20, 3 pm (CEST)

“Creating a future without sexual violence” – Isabel Städler


Is sexual violence inevitable? In this session, Isabel Städler will show that current problems related to sexual violence not only can be improved, but that improvement is inevitable. Isabel is the founder of a think tank that researches how modern technologies can be applied to help those affected by it and to prevent it in the future. After an introductory presentation, you are invited to partake in a discussion about a technological solution that will be realized later this year.

19.05.20, 6:30 pm (CEST)

“Wild Care of Your Needs: How to Turn Crisis into Opportunities?” – Pınar Özütemiz


Wild Care of Your Needs: How to Turn Crisis into Opportunities?

What was your favourite folktale or story that you always loved hearing? With this workshop let’s remember why we need stories, and how we can use them to respond to our needs in times of crisis.

Considering the hardships of the corona pandemic, the main topic of this session developed into: Wild Care: Deal With it Series #1, ‘Transforming crisis into opportunities.’ This focuses on recognising people’s unique needs and the unique talents they have discovered while being quarantined. The workshop aims to activate participants’ imaginations and visions connected to their personal needs or their dream projects, in relation to how they are handling the unexpected during the pandemic.

This workshop will explore how personal needs are shifting, and how we can use creative and fun storytelling methods to meet these needs. The workshop uses both the story ‘The fountain of fair fortune’ from the book The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling, and Pınar’s personal autobiographical story ‘My beloved professional liars: A lawyer and a storyteller’ as bases to do exercises, discuss stories, and discover opportunities.

We are super excited to have Pınar present! Come join us!

20.05.20, 7 pm(CEST)

“Flow-to-go?! – Little tricks from the martial arts” – Urte Claudia Zahn


How do we achieve a deeper state of flow and confidence? Urte Zahn will show us how with some exercises derived from Eastern martial arts.

The ability to do deep work is becoming rare; at the same time, it’s becoming more valuable for our economy. Consequently, the few who cultivate this ability and make it the core of their lives will be successful. Urte Zahn has been experimenting with this and other hypotheses for some time. In this session she’ll give us insights into her experiences. What methods are effective? What is a flow state and how do I get there? How I increase concentration and self-confidence? And what do these have to do with health and martial arts? Understanding and learning is mainly about trying, so Urte gives us exercises that we can use in our days on the go.

20.05.20, 8 pm (CEST)

Coffee that Makesense “Imposter Phenomenon”, Makesense Lisbon



With Coffee that Makesense we invite you to connect for 45 minutes over a coffee about topics related to our personal experiences, our well-being and self-development. Each week, the topic will change. Despite having a structure, Coffee that Makesense is an informal exchange. We want to share opinions and connect with each other in a safe space. If you feel like sharing your experiences, getting new ideas, listening with empathy while enjoying your coffee, this is the place for you!

This Wednesday we’ll talk about the Imposter Phenomenon. Do you sometimes find yourself doubting your capacities, despite your career or personal achievements? Has it ever happened to you to compare yourself to others and think that your ideas, skills and opinions are not so much worth of attention, after all?
That’s known under the name of the Imposter Phenomenon.

Guess what: you are not alone! Most people do indeed doubt their capacities and successes sometimes, despite what they have already reached. However, only a few of us verbalize those doubts, because we generally believe to be the only ones having these kinds of thoughts.

One of the Lisbon Hotspot core team will facilitate the conversation.

21.05.20, 11 am (CEST)

“Healing with self-love and self-compassion” – Luise Kröning


How can we practice self-compassion? Especially in times of crisis, we often tend to judge and criticise ourselves for our shortcomings and inadequacies. This is hindering our healing process. In this session, we will explore the relation between self-love and self-compassion, discuss the elements of mindful self-compassion and do science-based exercises. Finally, we will create a collective self-love board for you to enjoy as a daily inspiration.

21.05.20, 6 pm (CEST)

“Resilience and well-being in times of covid-19” – Sarah Dennard


These current months are uncertain and challenging for people all around the world. In this isolated situation, it is even more important to look after our well-being and mental health. In this workshop we will take a look at the scientific based theory and practice techniques to be resilient and implement well-being into our everyday lives.

22.05.20, 4 pm (CEST)

How to Navigate Fear and Uncertainty (during a crisis or at any time)” – Peter Griffith


Have you ever made a decision that you looked back at and thought, I wish I knew then what I know now. Those are the situations we can learn a lot from, however very often the feeling of discomfort and urgency to change it overruns our common sense and intuition so we end up doing the same again.  This is just one of the common scenarios that happen when we are experiencing fear and uncertainty.

Our world as we know it is changing rapidly and what we know today will change tomorrow. Fear of failure and fear of the unknown are present in anyone’s life, however, it becomes challenging when:

  • we procrastinate

  • we make snap decisions that will only temporarily reduce the feeling of discomfort

  • we inhabit our creativity and problem-solving ability

In this session Peter will be sharing with you:

  • What it takes to stay present in every situation.

  • How to find your way back when you lose your bearings.

  • How to make sustainable decisions and know what to do next when everything around you is falling apart.

This will be an interactive session where you can also benefit from experiential learning and real-time discussions.

26.05.20, 4 pm (CEST)

“Neuroscience of digital wellbeing” – Elliot C. Brown


Digital overload is a big problem in the pandemic as our days get filled with virtual meetings, online courses, and social media. It is no wonder we’re feeling overstimulated and stressed. Have you been sleeping badly, snacking on junk food, worrying about uncertainties in the future, or losing motivation? I’ll be talking about neuroscience-based tips for reducing stress and increasing digital well-being, and will leave you with resources to manage your own well-being.

26.05.20, 6 pm (CEST)

“Positive Thinking: Trick and treats for your brain” – Laetitia Bricout


Did you know that 80% of our thoughts are negative? We’ve evolved to pay more attention to the risks rather than the opportunities; it’s “natural” in the collective memory of human beings. Thinking positively is an effort! But what happens to your body when you think positively: what are the physiological aspects? And how can we turn negative thinking into positive thinking if it’s a natural behavior?

This is an inspirational and informative talk based on scientific and philosophical research. It will engage the audience with concepts they will be able to apply directly to themselves: i.e. In terms of percentage, how much importance do you give to your emotions/body/thoughts? The science of well-being tells us we’re supposed to find balance, something that we have known for centuries: “mens sana in corpore sano,” “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

27.05.20, 4:30 pm (CEST)

“How I got out of my corona slumber” – Antonios Triantafyllakis


Let’s face it, the quarantine measures have been tough on all of us. I personally got completely knocked off everything that was giving me a sort of balance before, for weeks. In this session, I will present the different challenges I faced and the techniques that helped me out of it and back into a state of flow. Being a trainer, I wouldn’t of course leave it at a mere presentation, so expect a few exercises on your journey, that will end up in your personal plan for thriving out of corona!

27.05.20, 6:30 pm (CEST)

“3 Powerful and fun ways to connect with people in a meaningful way” – Laura Betancort


During these times, many of us are longing for human connection more than ever. That’s where these 3 powerful and fun ways to connect with others come in! In this informational and interactive session expect to discover science-backed techniques that will not only help you create stronger, meaningful bonds with loved ones and “strangers” but will also create beautiful ripple effects of hope, kindness and resilience around us… and aren’t those some of the things the world needs right now?

27.05.20, 7:30 pm (CEST)

Coffee that Makesense “Self visualization”, Makesense Lisbon



29.05.20, 4 pm (CEST)

“Mental Wellbeing Through Life Purpose” – Oskar Woehr


In chaos and disorder, the hardest thing to grasp can be some kind of meaning. The workshop goal: to explore the topic of life purpose using an awesome Japanese tool and to look at what kind of self sabotage might be stopping you from pursuing your goals. This session is designed as an interactive workshop where participants will do the following: – Understanding and exploring life purpose using a tool called Ikigai – Understanding one’s ways of thinking – Creating a plan of action

05.06.20, 6:30 pm (CEST)

Sense_drink – Celebratory Summer Jam” MakeSense Berlin



Our makesense hotspot in Berlin has proudly just concluded our first digital event series, the sensemonth. We’ve spent May 2020 making a difference, by hosting 20 sessions on mental health and well-being, provided by 22 speakers, plus 4 more in collaboration with the hotspot of Lisbon! Coincidentally, we’ve also just exceeded 3000 members in our hotspot! How do we celebrate that? With a sensedrink of course!

This time we have something special prepared for you! Check the agenda and get excited to join us!

18:30 – “Doors” open with a surprise
18:45 – Recap Sense_month 2020!
19:00 – Ideathon: Envisioning and co-creating the future
19:20 – Celebrating the results
19:30 – Dance Party


Pedro Marques, Hug-a-Group


Marie Dobenesque, Corporate Game Changers


Karolina Mazetyte, Wellbeing LAB


Alejandro Reyes, Alreal Consulting


Shamala Hinrichsen, Hanai


Bryan Ly, Hanai


Robert Eckstein, AIESEC Alumni e.V. Germany


İrem Karamete, Athlete


Isabel Städler, Society for Innovation in Gender Equality e.V. i.Gr.


Antonios Triantafyllakis, makesense Berlin & MYTRAINER


Eva Bakardijev, bodyattention


Urte Claudia Zahn, QiLABS


Luise Kröning, Freelancer


Peter Griffiths, The Mind Takeaway


PINAR ÖZÜTEMİZ, Doable Storytelling


Sarah Dennard, Mindfulness Trainer


Oskar Woehr, Next Level Life


Verena Meyer, Konfliktlotse


Elliot C. Brown, Charité Berlin


Laetitia Bricout


Laura Betancort, Makesense Amsterdam


Anna Sophia Feuerbach, Mental Health Expert


Sonia Kloos, Life coach


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Makesense is a dynamic global network of people who share common values of community, collaboration, open-mindness and a passion to create a better world through social entrepreneurship. The digital event series is organised by members of the makesense Berlin hotspot. We are a volunteer led community of social entrepreneurship enthusiasts based in Berlin that is affiliated to the MakeSense global network.

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In response to the COVID crisis, make_sense has recently rolled out globally a volunteering program called re_action, where volunteers can take concrete, easily actionable actions in a fun and interactive format, to help those affected by the crisis. Our actions in Berlin will be focused on 1) supporting social entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers to weather the crisis and adapt to the post-corona economy, and 2) supporting individuals and communities to cope with the current context, and promoting well-being and inter-personal support. You can learn more about the program here.

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