FAQ sensecamp 2020

We are looking for psychologists, coaches, scientists, mental health experts to lead a session in their field of expertise. If you personally experienced mental health issues in your life, you are more than welcome to share about your experiences and coping strategies. We also welcome researchers and startup founders to present their key findings and solutions to some of the iseues related to menatal health and well-being.

You get to choose the format of your presentation. It can be an empowering talk, panel discussion, interactive workshop, or informative presentation. You can view an overview of questions sourced from our community in the “Call for Presenters” document.

We expect that a majority of attendees will be members of our local and global makesense community. Most of us are in their 20th and 30th, and are engaged in the social impact sector as a volunteer, founder or employee. However, the formats are open to anyone interested to better understand, maintain, and improve our mental and emotional well-being.

Our main communication throughout the makesense community is english. For that reason, we prefer englisch speaking sessions. In addition to english, we also welcome sessions in German language.

Your questions aren’t answered? Contact us at berlin@makesense.org.